Terms and Conditions


  1. On Gongzhu Tech Development’s web page, www.tgwcorp.com products are offered to the end user/final consumer
  2. The web page www.tgwcorp.com is maintained by: Gongzhu Tech Development Monroe 87 piso CP1609, San Isidro Buenos Aires (Argentina) Phone number:4137-7000 E-mail: info@tgwcorp.com
  3. Whether confirmation by the corresponding field in the ordering process, or if you make effective use of the service, will count as having been accepted the terms of use of Gongzhu Tech Development. In such case, You will acknowledge that we, Gongzhu Tech Development, consider the use of our services in recognition of the conditions of use. These terms of Use may be viewed, printed or recordered at any time under www.tgwcorp.com/terminos-y-condiciones
  4. The products are available only to persons having legal capacity to contract. Persons who do not have that ability or minors may not purchase products. Such actions performed on the Site are the responsibility of their parents, legal guardians or curators, and therefore deemed to be effected by them in the exercise of legal representation to that count.
  5. To purchase products offered on the Site, Registered Users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on magnetic media or servers that maintain high standards of security, and both physical and technological protection. For more information about the privacy of personal data and cases where personal information may be revealed, you can check our Privacy Policy at any time under www.tgwcorp.com/privacy
  6. All monetary transactions made by customers at www.tgwcorp.com are handled by Gongzhu Tech Development
  7. Gongzhu Tech Development may amend these terms of use from time to time, for example, to implement legal requirements and take into account changes in operation. You will find the current conditions of use at any time under www.tgwcorp.com/terms-and-conditions. If you do not agree with the amendments to our terms of use, unfortunately you will not be able to use our services.
  8. This is how you buy a product at www.tgwcorp.com
  9. Confirm the button “buy” on the initial page
  10. Choose the desired quantity of product
  11. Enter your name and email address and choose your preferred method of payment from the options available
  12. Your statement of intent to purchase is issued by confirming the terms of use and pressing the button “buy”. Acceptance of the offer by Gongzhu Tech Development takes place in the form of the confirmation of shipment.
  13. When you make the purchase you will receive a confirmation by email with instructions to complete the process.
  14. The duration of the sale of a product is temporarily limited, setting individually for each product by Gongzhu Tech Development. After such duration the purchase is no longer possible.
  15. The sale of the product is not completed until Gongzhu Tech Development has not successfully registered collection of payment. If unsuccessful in the first attempt to collect (eg. Because there is no suitable or no sufficient funds available, the credit card number is wrong or there is available credit limit) the sale will not be processed as well. Internet sales are made only to bill B.
  16. Gongzhu Tech Development reserves the right to modify at any time the scope and functionality of its website, to cancel or limit them. Although we strive to provide our service without technical hassles, in particular the maintenance work, the further development and/or other discomfort may limit and/or partially disrupt the usability of the site. Under certain circumstances can cause some loss of data. Gongzhu Tech Development does not assume therefore, any guarantee of service availability or lack of technical inconvenience or any loss of data.
  17. Gongzhu Tech Development reserves all intellectual property and other rights in the content published on the service as well as, information, images, videos and databases (herein reffered as “protected property”). Therefore, it is expressly forbidden any modification, reproduction, release, disclosure to third parties and/or other use or exploitation of the protected property without the prior written consent of Gongzhu Tech Development.
  18. It is not allowed any action or use of the device, software, or other means tending to interfere in the activities and operations of Gongzhu Tech Development, as well as offers, descriptions, accounts or databases of Gongzhu Tech Development. Any interference, attempt or violation contrary to the laws on intellectual property and/or activity of the prohibitions set forth in this contract shall be liable to charges of the appropriate legal action, and the penalties provided by this agreement and will be liable for compensatory damages.
  19. In the event that individual provisions of these contractual General Conditions or the contract concluded with the contracting party were ineffective in whole or in part, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining contract.
  20. This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Republic of Argentina, which may be consulted at the following site: www.mecon.gov.ar. Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance shall be submitted to the courts of the Federal Capital.
  21. The purchase can only be done by credit card or “Rapipago/Pago Fácil” on our website www.tgwcorp.com. We do not have any outside branches with direct sales to the public.
  22. Completing your purchase is really easy, just follow these steps:
  23. First you must register.
  24. Select the product you wish to buy from the main page or find it with the search button and click on “buy”.
  25. Select the shipping method and complete the requested information. Choose according with your preferences, if you want to remove or if we should send it to you.
  26. Then you select the payment method and complete the requested information.
  27. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot password” and follow the steps to recover your password.
  28. For offline payment methods like Rapipago, Pagofacil, Banelco, Redlink o Provincia Net, you have 48 hours straight to complete your purchase and make your payment and receive the reserved product on our website. After the 48 hours you will miss the reserved stock and your order will be canceled. If you pay the coupon after this time the money will be refunded to your MercadoPago account.